I’m so proud of what Democrats achieved this year, but I know we, as a party, need to always think about what’s next. For me, I believe my life and career to this point have prepared me to run for MDP chair. I’m an experienced chemist and political organizer. A first-generation American born to Italian immigrant parents. A mother to two driven young women. Most importantly, I’m a passionate Democrat and an advocate for our values: empathy, responsibility for self and others, and using good government to improve society for all of us. If elected, I plan to strengthen the Michigan Democratic Party's message, train activists, and unite our membership around our foundational values. These actions are the key to expanding our base and mobilizing voters to support us. And let’s be clear: We must stop Trump’s destructive agenda. We must build a Blue Wall in 2020. Our democracy depends on it.


Over the past ten years, I’ve worked to rally others around Democratic values through grassroots activism and as a leader with Northville Indivisible, the Northville Democratic Club, and the 11th District Democrats. I’ve coordinated precinct delegates, trained volunteers on organizing and messaging, and increased collaboration with other local organizations. As President of the Northville Democratic Club, I rebranded our group with values-based messaging, grew our membership by 300+ people, and improved our fundraising strategies to make large PAC donations to candidates in local, regional, and statewide elections. Most importantly, by working together, our Democratic groups turned red areas blue and sent Democratic representatives to Congress, the State House, and the State Senate.


The things we did in Western Wayne County are scalable, and with your support, we can do the same at the state level. United, we are Democrats—let’s do the work to win.



Add your name to our growing list of supporters.

Sandra Hughes O’Brien, Wayne State Board of Governors

Jim Gualdoni, Founding Chair, Officer MI 11th Congressional District Democratic Party
David Hamilton, Troy City Council Member
Kelly Breen, Novi City Council Member, DWOC Member at Large
Sam Ekong, Northville City Council Member, Trustee Northville Democratic Club

Vicki Dwelley, Indivisible Northville Lead, Precinct Delegate

Luci Klinkhamer, Trustee Northville Democratic Club

E. Jason Blankenship, Board Member Northville Democratic Club

Louise Weller, Trustee Northville Democratic Club
Susan Nichols, Secretary Northville Democratic Club

Dinah Payne, Membership Chair Northville Democratic Club

Dr. Rodney Tabacynski, Member Northville Democratic Club
Cathie Longan, Member Northville Democratic Club

Jina Sawani, Past Trustee of Northville Democratic Club

Sybil Offen, Precinct Delegate

Larry Lipton, Member Birmingham/Bloomfield Democratic Club 

Roland Hwang, Vice-Chair Northville Democratic Club 

Seth Phillips, Vice-Chair of the Kalkaska County Democratic Party
Kalkaska County Drain Commissioner

Fred Fry, Member Eaton County Democrats
Brian Stone, Trustee 12th Congressional District Democrats

Nancy Osborne, Board of Directors, Badass Teachers Association

David M. Osborne, Member Livonia & Northville Democratic Clubs
Bryan Watson, Founder MI-11 Constituent Townhalls

Jim Pearson, School Board Member Huron Valley Schools

Kathy Roderick, Member Northville Democratic Club

Dayna Polehanki, State Senator, Michigan 7th District

Steven Sneideman, Canton Township Trustee, President Canton Democratic Club

Michael Siegrist, Canton Township Clerk, Trustee Canton Democratic Club

Dennis Nazelli, Ret. President of Teamsters Local 372

Herb HelzerTrustee Northville Democratic Club

Jerry OljaceTrustee Northville Democratic Club

Scott CraigVice President Southfield/Lathrup Village Democratic Club

Muhammad Aslam, Trustee Northville Democratic Club

Bob BreslinTreasurer Northville Democratic Club

Maria Taylor,  Farmington City Council Member

David Hotz, Treasurer Romulus Democratic Club

Jessica Suszanski, Member Northville Democratic Club

Gail Gualdoni, Wolverine Lake

James Amin, Board Member Livonia Democratic Club, Precinct Delegate

Harry Philo, Longtime Democrat

Tyler Fox, Auburn Hills Precint Delegate

George Green, The Connecitons Lab Co-Founder

Christian Alvarado

Joan Wadsworth

James Loftis

Lisa Geary

Bevely Roberts

Christine Litka

Jeri Johnson
James Loftis

Bridget Schlack 

Gary Schlack

Cristian Fierro

Pilar Herrera-Fierro

Kim Beebe

Mary Griffith

Martha Guenett Simmons

John O'Brien

Linda E Schwelnus
Jane Thomas
Pam Westerhold
Kirkland W. Garey

Arthur I. Greenlee

Michelle Pallas

Tim Reitman

Mary C. McDonald-Smith

Dana Fortier

Kathleen Richard

Sheila Byrne

Johnny Brown

Crystal Ashburn Brown

Calvin L Roberts

Christine Santucci

Dr. Richard Santucci

Colleen Crossey

Chuck Nichols

Richard Pallas

Dr. Carmela Langley

Kathleen Norton-Schock

Darrell Donkowski

Brigitte Lorenz

Nicole Breadon

Joseph Lekovish

Rita Mitchell

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