Northville Democratic Leader Touts Collaboration, Values to Drive Party’s Success

NORTHVILLE, MI, December 13, 2018:​​ Today, Lisa DiRado, a Northville resident, announced her candidacy for Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. She plans to keep the momentum of the Democrats’ “Blue Wave” by promoting the key values behind the party’s policies and platforms: empathy, responsibility, and governing for the common good.

Democrats flipped seats up and down the ballot during the midterm elections, including four in districts DiRado organized as President of the Northville Democratic Club, co-founding member of Northville Indivisible, and Second Vice Chair of the 11th District Democrats. She credits increased collaboration and values-based messaging for engaging lifelong Democrats and newcomers alike, leading to success. “We saw incredible results in this election, and I know our local strategies can be scaled to work at the state level as well,” DiRado said.

An activist for over ten years, DiRado has seen firsthand how an organized and unified party can mobilize voters. While leading the Northville Democratic Club, DiRado grew her group’s membership by more than 300 and fundraising contributions by the tens of thousands, turning a small-scale organization into one of the most successful in Michigan. “Lisa really empowered and excited people to get involved, even people who’d never been politically active,” said Roland Hwang, Vice-Chair of the Northville Democratic Club. “She definitely helped Democrats win in Southeastern Michigan. She has the experience to get things done for our party”

Additionally, Democrats at all levels agree with DiRado’s focus on revising and simplifying the party’s message: “Political division is everywhere today, and a lot of it revolves around policy,” said Louise Weller, PhD, LP, Clinical Psychologist and Trustee for the Northville Democratic Club Board. “But when we talk about values, like taking care of one another, it resonates and people want to get involved.” DiRado believes sharing resources, structuring training for activists and candidates, and increasing networking among Democratic groups will also be key to future success. Above all, she thinks that Democrats can win because people agree with what they are offering: “We want to bring empathy back to our society. We want people to matter more than profits. We want government to serve the common good. And we’re finding that many citizens want these things, too.”

Lisa speaking to a packed house at the Fems for Dems Holiday Party on December 9th. Photo courtesy of Larry Lipton.

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