New Year. New Beginnings.

I’m running for chair of the Michigan Democratic Party because I’m proud of what we have achieved but I love the Democratic Party enough to know that we must do better.

I’m a political organizer with a proven track record of organizing in a red area and turning it blue. In 2018 we flipped five seats from red to blue and I can’t stop smiling! I did that by lobbying people into action, training them, planning outreach and volunteer events and most importantly creating a Democratic community. Our success came from collaboration and empowering volunteers. I know that the things we did in Western Wayne and Oakland Counties can be done throughout the state.

I also have a long history of being an active Democrat. I’m President of the Northville Dems, the second largest club in the state. I’m also coordinator of the Western Wayne Leaders group, 2nd vice chair of the 11th Congressional District, MDP Justice Caucus Board Member, State Central Committee (SCC) member and part of the SCC Rules & Political Reform committee. I was elected as a delegate to the 2016 National Convention and the 2016 State of Michigan Elector for the 11th Congressional District (yes, that last one still stings).

We need to own the loss of 2016 and deliver our Electoral College votes to our Democratic Candidate in 2020. We must deliver a Democratic State House to Governor Whitmer. We need to begin electing Democratic into local offices in every county so we will develop a farm team as the basis for electing Democrats throughout the state.

The day after the November, 2016 election my grown daughter called me sobbing. She said “Mom, why don’t you fight dirty, why don’t you lie? At least you try to help people”. I didn’t have an answer for her - it was such a horrible day. But I knew that wasn’t the solution. We won in 2018 with old fashioned, bottom up, political organizing. We have a community of Democrats that showed up at the November 21, 2016 meeting and at every meeting since. That’s what happens when you build a Democratic community - people show up. And that's why Northville turned blue. If we want to elect more Democrats must strengthen and support Democratic communities throughout the state.

I want you to be able to vote for me on February 2nd so make sure you are a Michigan Democratic Party member by January 2nd. Visit the MDP website and join or renew your membership today.

I am asking you to believe we will do better if we have a bold values based message, if we create a stronger, transparent party and if we give every Democrat a seat at the table. I’m asking for you to support me for MDP Chair because we need an old fashioned political organizer to lead us into 2020. I know that United we are Democrats – and united we can win.

Happy New Year!

- Lisa

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